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Samavedas – Book 02 Chapter 02, X Soma Pavamana



Type of spiritual experience


Tristubh is the name of a Vedic meter of 44 syllables (four padas of eleven syllables each), or any hymn composed in this meter. It is the most prevalent meter of the Rigveda, accounting for roughly 40% of its verses.

A description of the experience

Samavedas – Book 02 Chapter 02, X Soma Pavamana

Three are the voices that the car steed utters
he speaks the lore of prayer
the thought of Order.
To the cows’ master come the cows inquiring
the hymns with eager longing come to Soma

To Soma come the cows, the milch-kine longing
to soma sages with their hymns inquiring.
Soma, effused is purified and lauded
our hymns and Trishtup songs unite in Soma

Thus Soma, as we pour thee unto vessels
while thou art purified
flow for our welfare.
Pass into Indra with great joy and rapture
make the voice swell
and generate abundance.

The source of the experience

Samaveda, the

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image


Observation contributed by: John Bryant