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Samavedas – Book 02 Chapter 01, XVII Soma Pavamana



Type of spiritual experience


Trita mean "the Third".  Trita is also called Āptya, the deity of the Apas – Water – spirit flow.  In some allegorical texts Trita falls into a ‘well’-  that is Trita [Sushumna], ‘drawing water’ [kundalini], was pushed down by the other two [Ida and Pingala]

Meath has much the same meaning – Sushumna – and comes from the word Midhe meaning "middle".

‘Three times seven’ = three flows seven chakras

A description of the experience

Samavedas – Book 02 Chapter 01, XVII Soma Pavamana

Far seeing Soma flows, the Steer
the Lord of hymns
the furtherer of days, of mornings and of heaven.
Breath of the rivers,
he hath roared into the jars
and with the help of sages entered Indra’s heart

On with the sages, flows the poet on his way
and guided by the men
hath streamed into the vats.
He, showing Trita’s name
hath caused the meath to flow
increasing Vayu’s strength to make him Indra’s friend

He, being purified, hath made the mornings shine
and it is he who gave
the rivers room to flow.
Making the three times seven pour out the milky stream
Soma, the cheerer
yields whate’er the heart finds sweet.

The source of the experience

Samaveda, the

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image


Observation contributed by: John Bryant