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Tulsidas - Kavitavali 07:120



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Poems of Tulsidas - translated by Professor John Stratton Hawley

"Tomorrow, a body of youth.
Tomorrow, the wealth of the earth;
Tomorrow, victories in battle."
So says he who goes in evil ways.

"Tomorrow, I'll finish my tasks;
Tomorrow, I'll join the regal throng."
And mosquito that he is, he says,
"My weight will make Moun Meru quake."

Many houses have collapsed;
Many houses are collapsing:
Many houses will collapse,
Says Tulsi, this is a bad way to be -

To see this and hear this and know this
And not let it really sink in.
Not once do you hear him say,
"Tomorrow, the time to die".

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Observation contributed by: Francis Keeble