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Ravidas – from the Adi Granth 27



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Ravidas – from the Adi Granth 27

[extracted from Songs of the Saints of India – translated by Professor  John Stratton Hawley and Professor Mark Juergensmeyer]

The house is large, its kitchen vast,
but after only a moment's passed, it’s vacant.
This body is like a scaffold made of grass;
the flames will consume it and render it dust.
Even your family- your brothers and friends -
clamor to have you removed at dawn.
The lady of the house, who once clung to your chest
shouts "Ghost! Ghost!" now and runs away.
The world, says Ravidas, loots and plunders all -
except me, for I have slipped away
by saying the name of God.

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Observation contributed by: John Bryant