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Current status of after-care cures in oncologic patients



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Rehabilitation (Stuttg). 1987 May;26(2):75-6.

[Current status of after-care cures in oncologic patients].

[Article in German]

Schwidurski-Maib G, Jochheim KA.


Some 40 accredited aftercare clinics are available for inpatient cancer aftercare, since 1981 also for immediately post-acute treatment courses.

These clinics are used for both, the frequent physical treatment aftermath from oncological diseases in the otological or gynaecological field, and for psychic stabilization when psychosocial problems arise.

Participation in autogeneous relaxation training, yoga, and/or psychotherapeutic services are found to entail improved disease coping.

Concrete patient care expectancies primarily center around movement therapy, lymphatic drainage (in breast carcinoma), speech therapy (in laryngectomees), pain control, but are also directed at psychosocial care in terms of achieving" inner calmness and relaxation".

Given the age distribution seen, increasing the quality of life takes priority over restoration of the working capacity.



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Observation contributed by: John Bryant