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Harrington, Alan - A Visit to Inner space 1



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A Visit to Inner Space – Alan Harrington [from LSD: The  Consciousness Expanding Drug edited by David Soloman]

The session must be carefully guarded by the psychologist who has stayed back, because the soul in disorder can become panicky and decide, as I did, to leave the premises. 

They have a dim recollection of ‘home’ somewhere, like the world, and feel that if they can ‘go out there’ everything will be all right.  But unfortunately there is no world anymore, and if they should get out in it there would be panic in the streets for certain and the possibility of embracing an oncoming car, or something like that. 

The intended departure is easily blocked by the psychologist in charge.  A subject, so far as I know, will not be violent in this phase, having no place to stand from which to launch a violent act, either physical or mental, since he’s not even sure he exists. 

The conception of self varies from one moment to the next and this is the agony

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Harrington, Alan

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Observation contributed by: John Bryant