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Rilke, Rainer Maria - 32 Seventh Elegy



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Louis Janmot  - Poem of the Soul


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Duino Elegies – Rainer Maria Rilke [The Seventh Elegy]

Each vague turn of the world has such disinherited ones,
to whom the former does not, and the next does not yet, belong.
Since even the next is far from mankind.

Though this should not confuse us,
but strengthen in us the keeping of still recognisable forms.
This once stood among men,
stood in the midst of fate, the destroyer,
stood in the midst of not-knowing-towards-what, as if it existed,
and drew stars towards itself out of the enshrined heavens.

I’ll show it to you, also, there!
It will stand in your gaze, finally upright, saved at last.


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Rilke, Rainer Maria

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