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Organs and angels



Type of spiritual experience


The following case is of a 62 year old lady, tortured by advance cancer

A description of the experience

At the Hour of death – Dr Karlis Osis and Dr Erlendur Haraldsson

She had a very peculiar look on her face.  I rearranged her pillows, slightly elevating her back.  She was very lucid.  I stepped out of the room.  When I came back, her eyes were open, then she had this look on her face, not aware of me, smile, raised right arm as if reaching for something, resting quietly.  She seemed to be somewhere else, I can’t explain, transposed to another world.  I spoke to her, she did not answer.  Later she told me that she had heard organ music, saw angels in brilliant white.  She was smiling more broadly – very pleased at the whole thing…

The source of the experience

Ordinary person

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image