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Zohar - II 042b – Ocean and sea and the Abyss



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Zohar II 042b [translated by Gershom Scholem] – Ocean and sea and the Abyss

From this we may reckon it so: One, is the source of the sea. A current comes forth from it making a revolution. The source is one, and the current makes two. Then is formed the vast basin known as the sea, which is like a channel dug into the earth, and it is filled by the waters issuing from the source; and this sea is the third thing.

This vast basin is divided up into seven channels, resembling that number of long tubes, and the waters go from the sea into the seven channels. Together, the source,  the current, the sea, and the seven channels make the number ten.

If the Creator who made these tubes should choose to break them, then would the waters return to their source, and only broken vessels would remain, dry, without water.

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