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Her old nanny visits her to tell her she is dying, but 'all was well'



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The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences – Dr Penny Sartori

Almost ten years ago I was in the USA, staying with friends in Virginia. In the middle of the night I was woken and in my room appeared my old nanny, who I had not seen for several years, although we corresponded on birthdays, etc.

In real life she was well over 80, but in the vision she was ageless and surrounded by an immensely bright light. She smiled at me, put her hand out and ‘told’ me all was well. I was shocked and stayed wide awake. The next morning I told my hosts I thought my old nanny had died. The same day I returned to my house in Florida and told my family.

Later that day a cousin of mine called from England to tell me she had died. It was totally amazing. I don't dream to any extent. I can only tell you it has given me so much confidence for the future.

She left me some money, but her telepathic message was the real legacy.

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