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A floating skull with demonic teeth that appears to laugh



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My experience with hypnopompic hallucinations have not been pleasant (I'm not sure if anyone truly enjoys them). I was diagnosed as bipolar type 1 when I was 25 but it wasn't until three years ago that my hallucinations came about.

I see scary/creepy things that float around my room. Sometimes I see a floating skull with demonic teeth that appears to laugh. I don't hear it laughing, but it appears that it is. Sometimes, I see a reflection of eyes staring back at me when my eyelids are closed. It makes it hard to go back to sleep because I become afraid.

I take enough medicine to knock out a horse (seroquel, lamictal, ativan). But nothing will ease these images . I keep my Bible in my bed and pray during the night to try and comfort me. I talk to my psych doc and therapist, but it seems there is not much I can do to make them disappear. So I pretty much have to learn to live with it

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