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Hallucinations of helicopters landing on the bed



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Why is she tired - that should be the next question - pharmaceuticals?

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I have had my hallucinations for about nine years now. I figured that stress must have triggered them as I was living with my in laws at the time, but my first one was so vivid I still remember it and it is still unfortunately talked about at family bbqs.

I was convinced a helicopter was landing on the bed so leaped out of bed in the pitch black and tried to crawl under the window to get outside. I still regularly have horrid and frightening visions where my eyes are wide open and I'm not quite awake, my poor husband cops it as I try to fight off various snakes, spiders, burgers etc. But mostly I have learned to deal with it now and have the presence of mind to tell myself that they are not real.

But I wasn't really aware of the narcolepsy angle on this and have a feeling that it could be part of it, especially with the excessive daytime sleepiness (not bad, just always feel tired). Maybe it's time to check it out with the doctor. Thanks for enlightening me!


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