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I've been suffering from lucid dream states where strange things happen for at least 15 years (I'm 28 now). At one point in my life, I would get the feeling of being stuck, not being able to talk or move. I've also seen spiders dangling from the ceiling down toward me. The spider dreams are becoming more frightening.

One time the spider looked like a large lobster on the back half of its body and in the front, it had a lot of legs and it was chewing at the top of my shoulder. I screamed when I saw it and had pain and a weird scar in the same spot. Tonight I saw a very large spider, about the size of my fist, run quickly across my wall. It scared me so much that I jumped out of bed to get away from it, only to turn on the light and see nothing there.

Hearing that others are experiencing the same thing is somewhat comforting, yet there should be more study, not only on what happens, but also what it means, maybe even similar to how dream interpretation offers explanations for dream symbols.

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