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Farjeon, Eleanor - Now that you too must shortly go the way



Type of spiritual experience

A description of the experience

‘Now that you too must shortly go the way’

Now that you too must shortly go the way
Which in these bloodshot years uncounted men
Have gone in vanishing armies day by day,
And in their numbers will not come again:
I must not strain the moments of our meeting
Striving each look, each accent, not to miss,
Or question of our parting and our greeting,
Is this the last of all? is this - or this?

Last sight of all it may be with these eyes,
Last touch, last hearing, since eyes, hands, and ears,
Even serving love, are our mortalities,
And cling to what they own in mortal fears: -
But oh, let end what will, I hold you fast
By immortal love, which has no first or last.

The source of the experience

Farjeon, Eleanor

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