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Nerval, Gerard de - from Le Christ aux Oliviers



Type of spiritual experience


Fascinating - he saw a Black hole

A description of the experience

When the Lord, lifting up his thin arms,
Under the sacred tree, as do the poets
Long lost in silent pain,
Thought betrayed by ungrateful friends

He turned to those who were waiting below
Dreaming of being kings, sages, prophets ...
But numb, lost in the sleep of beasts,
And began to shout, "No, God does not exist!"

They slept. "My friends, you heard the news?
I touched my forehead to the eternal vault;
I'm bloody, broken, suffering for many days!

Brethren, I deceived you: abyss! abyss! abyss!
The god lacks the altar where I am the victim ...
God is not! God is not! "But they were still sleeping! ...

He continued: "Everything is dead! I have traveled the worlds;
I lost my flight in their milky ways,
As far as life, his fertile veins,
Spreads the golden sands and silvery waves:

Everywhere the desert soil bordered by the waves,
Confused swirls of restless oceans ...
A blast wave moves them wandering spheres,
But no mind exists in the vastness.

In seeking God's eye, I saw only orbit
Wide, black. and bottomless, which inhabits the night
Radiates to the world and always thickens;

A strange rainbow sky surrounds this dark well,
Threshold of old chaos that nothingness is the shadow,
Spiral engulfing the Worlds and Days!

The source of the experience

Nerval, Gerard de

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image