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Epictetus - The Enchiridion - 14



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The Enchiridion

           14. If you wish your children, and your wife, and your friends

           to live for ever, you are stupid; for you wish to be in

           control of things which you cannot, you wish for things that

           belong to others to be your own. So likewise, if you wish your

           servant to be without fault, you are a fool; for you wish vice

           not to be vice," but something else. But, if you wish to have

           your desires undisappointed, this is in your own control.

           Exercise, therefore, what is in your control. He is the master

           of every other person who is able to confer or remove whatever

           that person wishes either to have or to avoid. Whoever, then,

           would be free, let him wish nothing, let him decline nothing,

           which depends on others else he must necessarily be a slave.

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