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Ssu-Kung Tu - Concentration



Type of spiritual experience

A description of the experience

From A Lute of Jade – Being selections from the Classical poets of China [The Wisdom of the East series] edited and translated by L.  Cranmer-Byng and Dr S. Kapadia [1918]


A hut green-shadowed among firs, --
A sun that slopes in amber air, --
Lone wandering, my head I bare,
While some far thrush the silence stirs.
No flocks of wild geese thither fly,
And she -- ah! she is far away;
Yet all my thoughts behold her stay,
As in the golden hours gone by.
The clouds scarce dim the water's sheen,
The moon-bathed islands wanly show,
And sweet words falter to and fro --
Though the great River rolls between.

The source of the experience

Ssu-Kung Tu

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image