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Out of body from computer use



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She was working on the computer and had been doing for some time

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It happened spontaneously. I was sitting in front of the computer when everything started getting fuzzy...almost shaking...like how your fingers look if you shake your hand vigorously. Then I started to freak out a bit...I thought to myself that I felt like I was having a DMT trip but I didn't induce anything. I remember thinking to myself that I must be dying but I wasn't scared.

Existence faded out and I remember seeing a grouping of purple diamonds bursting open with yellow and orange like a lotus blossom but repeating intself past my visual perceptions it had a brightness in the middle...not a light but an energy filled space it was warm....It felt like I was being pulled out of myself. I remember seeing myself naked sitting in nothingness. Someone came to me. A Stranger? Someone male...warm and comforting..they gave me something...indiscribable...an orb? I felt everything wash over me good and bad, black and white, every hope and downfall a thousand worlds over. And I remember this incredible peace that came A happiness as this amazing energy bathed me...overwhelmed me because i saw that everything is one and...just is. All the details are fuzzy but I eventually came to.

I can however say, without any hesitation, that this was the single most amazing, and spiritual event I have ever encountered. Just thinking about it brings me to tears (and not tears out of fear, sadness or pain, but a soulful sob from an overwhelming amount of beauty).

I don't know what to think about it. I don't know what to do with it...I feel different now I can still feel that light.

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Ordinary person

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Spirit helper


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