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Remote viewing

Remote viewing is the ability of  a person to perceive a distant object.  Although it can be classified as a spiritual experience, it cannot be classified as a ‘type of experience’ because it can be achieved a large number of ways.  It is thus a more generic description rather than  a useful classification.

Remote viewing via out of body

Some remote viewing is achieved via an out of body experience in which the person is able to ‘see’ the distant object. 

For example, a third party might select co-ordinates on a map and then look up the map to see roughly where it is.  Inter composer communication then takes place and the viewer’s composer ‘sees’ the position graphically via the map as a pictorial image it can use to home in on the actual spot.  During the out of body experience, the viewer will then be able to get the full details of the object, a description with shape, sometimes colours, layout and so on far more than is possible from a map.

The viewing is achieved by willing your conscious self, united with the composer, to go to this object, for example it is possible to will the composer to go to a distant planet.

This ability gets better with practise but is extraordinarily difficult.

Remote viewing via inter composer communication

But Remote viewing can also be achieved via a third party.  Once a bridge is established between the viewer and the third party inter composer communication takes place in order that the viewer is able to ‘see’ what the viewer is seeing.  In effect, if a person goes to a remote spot unknown to the remote viewer, the viewer sees through the perceptions of the person sent to the spot.

This appears to be what happened quite a bit on the Stargate project and in the research by SRI.  It is straightforward medium activity achieved via the bridge of an envelope or similar touched by the remote person.  Some quite complex bridge work was undertaken by the composers on occasion, involving more than one bridge.

It is difficult to test whether someone has this ability because results can be muddied  via more prosaic  inter composer communication.  For example, suppose the tester obtains the co-ordinates of something to be viewed and looks up the co-ordinates to find what is there on the map.  They may find a place which they know well and have a clear picture in their own mind of what it is like.   When the viewer attempts to find the co-ordinates, inter-composer communication takes place, but the viewer’s composer has no need to go anywhere because the image of what is there is available in the perceptions of the tester.

As such a true test of this ability has to involve the choice of a remote object that the tester may know of, but of which they have no image or detailed knowledge. 

Verification can of course these days be done via Google maps.


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