Spiritual concepts

Raising the dead

Raising the dead, is a form of Environmental control.  More specifically it is the reversal or negation of the function of death.

We may think of death only as a physical thing, but Death is more functional than it is physical, as a whole series of processes are executed on death.  If a person is able to ‘raise the dead’, he or she is in effect halting the progress of the ‘Death’ transaction and then reversing its effects.  A bit like the ‘undo’ button a computer, or the rollback action in a database application.

Jesus was able to raise the dead, but so was Elijah, who had a number of environmental control abilities; he raised the dead, brought fire down from the sky, and was taken up in a whirlwind, which may have been symbolic [out of body] or real in which case he could also control the weather.

But these abilities are not just confined to Biblical characters.  You will see from the observations that the ability was still going strong in many shamanic societies right up to the 1800s.  So this is a worldwide ability and unconnected with religions.


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