Spiritual concepts

Moral code [the ultimate]

A way of living in which one seeks to only perpetrate acts of LOVE and avoids all acts of  HURT and HATE.

This is not an easy life to live, but it can be achieved if, instead of asking whether an action you are about to undertake is an act of love you ask yourself whether it can cause a person or fellow creature HURT.

You have to use the principle of ‘what if’ to do this.

You ask yourself ‘If I perform this action what is likely to happen’.  And again ask the same question of the answers.  It is like the game of consequences.

For example

  • If people make fraudulent insurance claims what will happen?

  • Answer: The insurance company may pay the claim.

  • If the insurance company pays all these claims what will happen?

  • Answer:  The insurance premiums will go up.

  • If the insurance company puts up the premiums what will happen?

  • Answer: Some people, often vulnerable people such as the old and the low paid, will no longer be able to pay and thus be uninsured and at risk.  And other people will be worse off.

  • Thus an act of HURT. 


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