Spiritual concepts

Higher spirit and Perceptions

The Higher Spirit together with our Perceptions cycle round and round from death to birth and death again and forms the basis for any new ‘person’ or a new ‘soul’ on birth.

On birth we are given a Personality  suited to our Destiny.  Personality is different from the Higher spirit.  It is that permanent set of attributes - the character traits that make us who we are – a recognisable human being  our conscious self.

The Higher Spirit  may over many lifetimes have more than one Personality.  It will have many personalities over the lives [time in-between birth and death]  in which it participates.


In the diagram I have shown the Perceptions as the column and sectioned it off to show each ‘life’. The Personality provides the Perceptions during a ‘life’ in the physical world, the Higher Spirit provides the Perceptions during the time of non-physical existence – ‘between lives’.  The Perceptions Log is permanently attached to the Higher spirit which simply accumulates Perceptions on each life and ‘death’ or entirely spiritual period.  On each life, the person gets a new Personality – a new set of characteristics or attributes that make the person who they are. 


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