Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Spiritual concepts



It is possible to see all sorts of semi-human figures in visions, dreams and hallucinations.  People have seen flame like beings, wispy ethereal beings, wraiths, tiny little sprite like beings or larger more humanoid like beings. 

But it is all fabricated for us, all this is constructed for us by the composer function much as a film maker puts film clips together.  Depending on our culture and preconceived ideas about what sort of help we need, we may see Angels or Hindu gods or goddesses, [Devas], we may see Greek gods or goddesses, or saints.  We may even see an image of Jesus or the prophet as we have seen in pictures. 

But behind the image, as it were, may be the spirit of the thing whose image you see.  If it interacts, there is a spirit being behind the image.

Even when the spirit helper is ‘real’ in the sense of it having a spiritual existence outside that manufactured by the composer, the composer function still manufactures the image of the spirit that we see. 

This may be somewhat complex to understand, but if we go back to the analogy, all this is ‘software’, it has no ‘physical’ existence, so the image has to be a manufactured image.  A spirit helper, for example, may have an image it uses and thus the composer uses an image derived from its template, alternatively the image may simply be constructed for us by our composer according to our preconceived notions of what we should be seeing – perhaps a comforting or appropriate image of the spirit helper in order that we can receive the ‘lesson’ or message etc that needs to be delivered. 

People ‘see’ images of their dead relatives, but although the Higher spirit of the dead relative may well be there, the image is constructed for us – which is why they often look so young and free of all cares.


Over time, assuming a person has many spiritual experiences a person may encounter any number of different spirit helpers each with a chosen persona. Where a certain challenge needs more than one 'visit' the person may see the same figure more than once, but once the task has been completed, the helper may never reappear. 

Images reinforce themselves, we are presented with what we need and what we understand.

Standard archetypes

There are some standard archetypal images that have a specific symbolic meaning.  The table below list some of those described on the site, the table is not exhaustive, so if the image is not in the list look in the symbol or concept section.












Emperor and Empress


Feudal hierarchy





Horned god

Mermaid or merman



Old King Cole

Old Man



Potter, the


Prince and princess






Smith, the

Tooth fairy



Adrienne Kammerer - Summoning sickness

 Spirit being images

In addition to these we also have the very standard and recognisable images of the goblin, fairy, gnome etc.  These have a precise meaning and although it may sometimes be difficult to tell a gnome from a goblin, it is important you do because they generally link to an illness you have, or something you have ingested, so they are a vital clue in establishing, for example, why you are ill.

Everything has a spirit being of some sort attached to it and since everything is poisonous in the wrong dosage, we can assume that all substances - plants, fungi, minerals etc - can be ‘seen’ potentially via this route.  Overdose, as some people have done, on carrot juice, and in your delirious state you may see the carrot fairy.  If the image is in any way frightening – your composer is trying to tell you that you are damaging your body in some way by what you are taking, have caught or are eating

The importance of this cannot be over emphasised, if you see anything remotely nasty, your composer is warning you - TAKE HEED OF THE WARNING.

Hopefully we may see a day when healing can be helped via diagnosis of dreams and visions and the beings you have seen, but until then, you can help yourself, by taking note.

  • Leprechien Spiderwick
    Fungi and moss systems – fungi, mushrooms, ferns and mosses are controlled by Elves,  Elves, if jolly, are thus edible fungi and mushrooms but if sinister may be  fungal infections
  • Plant systems - flowering trees, shrubs and flowers are controlled by fairiesSinister Fairies may indicate a plant to which you have become allergic; or which has poisoned you
  • With violence commensurate to the damage it is doing
    Energy systems – the spirit beings that are responsible for energy systems are known as salamanders.   Threatening Snakes and lizards are possibly an indication of radiation damage or hazard
  • Micro-organism systems – the spirit beings responsible for bacteria and the vast number of cell based organisms we cannot see are called gnomes.   Any form of gnome-like creature shows we may have a bacterial infection.
  • Some goblins, once past the door, may never leave
    a lurking goblin is a very dangerous thing to have
    Virus systems – the spirit beings responsible for each of the vast numbers of viruses are called goblins.  There is presumably a ‘flu goblin, and a hepatitus goblin, and a common cold goblin!  The herpes goblin is everywhere [I jest].  Interestingly, these do have an image because they are physical and none too pleasant to look at, thus the template image of both goblins and gnomes has been 'seen' in visions, dreams and hallucinations.  All goblin like creatures should be taken extremely seriously.  The increasing use of live viruses in vaccines has resulted in an alarming increase in nightmares, hallucinations and visions containing these creatures.  Many viruses are never defeated completely by the body.  They lie low in body fat and your joints, waiting to emerge when your immune system is compromised.  Sleep deprivation, stress, grief and general unhappiness or depression all compromise the immune system at which point the viruses will emerge and start to attack the body seriously.  Viruses cause a vast number of illnesses later in life – see viral infections, as such these early warnings are important.  The only way you can defeat them is to boost the immune system – if you have been injected with a live virus via vaccination there is absolutely nothing you can do except rely on the immune system.  The herpes family of viruses, EBV, VZV, the influenza viruses are all of this class.  Old polio vaccines used dead viruses, the recent ones use live viruses and these too stay in the body.  More and more viruses are being implicated as long term killers which the body is only able to keep at bay via the immune system.

Other Scary creatures

Created by man

Generally scary creatures indicate poisons and toxins, but a figure can be the result of demons.  The symbolism or image is thus vitally important.

Those who take pharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs often see spirit beings, more often than not they are nightmarish terrifying figures and often vicious.  These, strange though it may sound, we have created.  Man has created the pharmaceutical or the drug and the consequence is that it will have a spirit being.  It will reflect its properties, thus a nightmarish drug or pharmaceutical will appear to be just that, its effects mirrored in its appearance.  For example: 

This had a definite CHARACTER to it. I wasn't being filled with a complete void, the void had a face - an alien insectile face. It was hard edged. It was magical, but more like alien-induced holographic magic (which is sufficiently advanced technology), not the gnomish fairyland magic of the mushroom.


Intelligences and angels

Many of the visions of benevolent sprites, fairies, angels and so on – spirits in general – are of beings which have a semi-human appearance except they are elongated, long slender fingers, long tapered legs, slim elongated bodies, large appealing eyes.  I was reminded of the photos, now popular in fashion magazines, of waif-like little girls, who are already extraordinarily thin, but whose photos are manipulated to make them appear even longer and thinner.

Subconsciously we may be trying to recreate spiritual imagery.

The size can vary enormously from extremely large to very small.  This is a consequence of a number of things, not least of which are the idiosyncrasies of the composer, but usually relate to power.  In effect, the size is determined by the composer according to how powerful spiritually our higher spirit wants us to perceive the spirit to be

Remembering that our expectations also determine what we see when the composer is constructing the image, appearances vary, but on the whole the description nearly always includes the ethereal.  Given the nature of hallucinations in particular this is not surprising, as the image is often transposed onto the background and is often a good deal less clear than the images received by the eyes.  The effect is somewhat similar to a rather weak cinefilm or video being played on a wall, or a holographic three dimensional image being suspended in front of you in space.



No observations have been cross referenced to this page, as each observation has been cross referenced to the specific sub-types - gnome, fairy, angel etc


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