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Spiritual concepts


The universe is egg shaped and formed of concentric layers - see Levels and Layers - a bit like an onion with its core as the most powerful.  

The ‘Earth layer’ is actually the outer layer - remember these are symbolic terms and merely represent layers of vibrational energy. It is curved round on itself, which is why Einstein said the ‘universe’ is curved.  Part of that Earth layer is what we perceive with the 5 senses, however there are sub-levels of the Earth vibrational layer that are not perceptible. In effect there is a band of Spirit [programmed Energy] that we can perceive with our physical senses that is vibrating at a rate our physical senses are able to pick up.  All the rest of this vibrating energy is ‘invisible’ to us in that we cannot perceive it with our 5 physical senses.



For an explanation of where all the other layers are besides the layer we can perceive – see Where is heaven.

For an explanation of how the egg  is further divided up – there is a map provided for each of the sub-levels shown above in Map of the Egg, or you can turn to the definitions of the Inward court and Outward court.

Some added detail is provided in the description for the Matrix.

It is also worth noting that the Atom is simply a microscopic version of the Egg - a mirror of its layout and functions.


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