Common steps and sub-activities

Watching flickering sunlight

There is a school of thought that says that you can get a spiritual experience by looking at the sun.  It is promoted on websites, it is sold by guru looking gentlemen with long grey beards and loose fitting robes who advertise using youtube.  But it is dangerous and a load of baloney.

The real technique - and even it has its degree of danger is to try to look at the lowering sun using fluttering eyes and head waggling.  It is a sort of combination of the deliberate eye flutter techniques [enforced nystagmus] and the approach which works via light coming through trees.

An alternative of course is to wear enough jewellery in front of your eyes that there is permanent flicker.

Choose a time of day when the sun is fairly low. Relax laying down on your back facing the sun and practise total relaxation techniques to get yourself in a relaxed state.