Common steps and sub-activities

Talking or reading jibberish

The following describes how the process is used with what the chap calls chaotic meditation.  The approach uses jibberish, frenetic exercise  and  high emotion [not catharsis as the person seems to think, you are actually winding up the emotions doing this] and shows that you can still the Reasoning function almost to a standstill….

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Chaotic meditation …. is an excellent technique that is very beneficial….

It is hard for many people to totally relax and focus because too many things are going on inside.

What this technique does is exhaust the body, heart and mind with chaos.

To begin, you do something very physically exhausting involving random body (dance) movement say for 10mins. This tires and calms the body.

Next, one does an emotional catharsis. Essentially, yell, cry, laugh, be angry, sad, in a random type of pattern for 10 mins. This will tire and relax the heart or emotional side.

Next, talk in jibberish for 10 mins. Talk stupid sounds and word patterns that are random nonsense. This will tire and scramble the mind. For the last 10 min, stop and just relax with your eyes closed. Your body, heart and mind will need rest and you will feel very peaceful.

And then you carry on, over and over again.