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Shakers, their mode of worship-
lithograph D.W.Kellogg

The term shaking is derived from the activities of the Shakers.   Early Shaker worship services were unstructured, loud, chaotic and emotional. Many outsiders who witnessed early Shaker worship services considered them heretics and protested in front of their places of worship. One member was even arrested several times for disturbing the peace.  Early Shakers experienced the energy and ecstasy of a full ‘religious experience’.

The Shakers experienced a particularly intense period of spiritual manifestations which began in 1837 and lasted through to 1847. Children told of visits to cities in the spirit realm and brought messages to the community which they received from ‘Mother Ann’. In 1838 the gift of tongues was manifested and sacred places were set aside in each community, with names like Holy Mount; but in 1847 the ‘spirits left the Believers’.  This appears to coincide with the moment when the shaking and extreme physical practises were abandonned.

What is the difference between quaking and shaking?  Nothing as far as I could see, just a different name for the same thing.


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