Common steps and sub-activities


The sauna is these days regarded as a wonderful way to relax and improve the circulation – the heat and sensory deprivation induce relaxation and the birch twigs used to beat the body lightly, improve blood circulation and health as well as helping the parasympathetic nervous system kick in.

In effect, a sauna coupled with the 'beating'  achieves exactly what the Taoist and Buddhist monks were attempting to achieve in meditating, possibly in a more effective way, it is certainly a more than adequate alternative.

What is perhaps less commonly recognised, however, is that a sauna is a key healing method.  Viruses do not like heat - see Viruses and heat - and thus a sauna is one extremely effective way of killing off a virus in your system.  You will see from the observations that 'heat therapy' has not only been used for thousands of years, but that it is extremely effective





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