Common steps and sub-activities

Rubbing amber

Rubbing amber works via Stimulation via resonance and more specifically Using crystals and crystal balls, because amber is resin solidified and resin is a crystalline structure.  It is clear from the observations I have collected – old though they be, obscure though they be, that this was a mechanism in use for both more ‘active’ spiritual experience and for healing.  It is likely that the amber was pressed to the wounded or aching part in order to stimulate healing in the respective area.

Static electricity is usually caused when certain materials are rubbed against each other, like wool on plastic or the soles of shoes on carpet. And very important in the context of this section – wool on amber.  The process causes electrons to be pulled from the surface of one material and relocated on the surface of the other material.  A static shock occurs when the surface of the second material, negatively charged with electrons, touches a positively-charged conductor, or vice-versa.

What makes amber different is that it can hold that charge because it exhibits piezoelectric properties, its crystalline structure makes it into a sort of mini battery.  Thus in order to generate the charge you rub the amber with a wool or silk cloth or handkerchief.

Do not do it too long as you will build up too high an electric charge if you do.

Do not do this in dry conditions, aim for a humid environment, as more charge and thus a higher intensity charge may result

You are not aiming for an electric shock, but low intensity stimulation.  If you feel a shock you have the intensity too high.