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Oneiromancy is a  form of divination based on dreams,  whereby the extracts of plants are used to increase the frequency and/or recollection of dreams.

"A traditional diviner (sangoma)
The medicine which belongs to the ancestors. It opens your brain, it opens your brain to work. It is used to induce or clarify dreams of ancestral spirits

The name is derived from the word Oneirogen describing the plant itself, which itself is derived from the Greek "oneiros" meaning dream and "gen" to create.  It describes any substance that enhances dreams – for example promotes lucid dreaming or which produces a dream-like state of consciousness.

The use of Oneirogens is well known in Africa and Ubulawu is the name given in Africa to a group of plants which have now been termed ‘oneirogenic’.  The list of plants that are recognised by the tribes themselves as being ‘ubulawu’ plants is shown in the list below.  Please note that we are not recomending these plants, this entry is for information only. 

Ubulawu Plants

Acacia elephantorrhiza

Acacia xanthophloea

Alberta magna

Behnia reticulata

Calea Zacatechichi

Cyanotis speciose

Dianthus mooiensis


Entada rheedii

Gerbera piloselloides

Helinus integrifolius

Lobelia coronopifolia

Lobelia flaccida

Maesa lanceolata

Pappea capensis


Protosparagus plumosus

Rhus oblongifolia

Rhus pauciflora

Rubia cordifolia ssp conotricha

Scabiosa columbaria

Silene capensis

Vernonia oligocephala