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Common steps and sub-activities

MORA therapy - key point

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

I would like to mention a special combination of two points. These are two points belonging to the system of classic acupuncture, but which are seldom measured … or used for therapy.

Both points lie on the meridians which run along the middle of the body; they are called Conception vessel and Governor vessel.

I refer to the literature on the subject [Voll R - Gesammelte Werke].

The combination I discovered was the sixth point of the Conception vessel and the thirteenth point of the Governor vessel.

The sixth point of the Conception vessel (Con. 6), which is ascribed to the Yin in its entirety, lies two finger breadths below the navel. The Chinese who do not number the points, call it "Tsri-Rac" which means "sea of energy". It has numerous indications, which vary from different types of abdominal pains to physical exhaustion, anxiety, heart and circulatory troubles with  hypertension, reduced ability to recover after weakening infections, and many others.

The thirteenth point of' the Governor (G. l3), which is ascribed in its entirety to the Yang, is the most  important reunion point of all Yang meridians. Its name is Pac-Lao, "a hundred meetings". It is characteristically positioned just above the top of the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra, where "the yoke is carried". Its indications are shoulder, neck and headaches, general weakness, depression, exhaustion.

When taking these indications into consideration, especially the fact that these are two of the most important representative points of the yin-yang system, one can understand that their combined treatment with MORA could be interesting.


Whether this was known or not by Dr Morell, the point to which he refers below the navel is also referred to as the 'Hara' – the vital centre of man or the Lower Dan Tien. 

I believe that other points were also found to have an effect, but the observation that is provided [see observation 000767] covered only these two


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