Common steps and sub-activities

Concentration on the intangible

In Yoga this is called Savidhara samadhi and is defined as ‘concentration upon subtle elements'. In this form of contemplation you do not think of a physical thing but concentrate upon something intangible – like love, or the concept of beauty, or the concept of joy or happiness or if you prefer misery! The objective is not to visualise the concept but use the very abstract nature of the word itself to still your mind.

The concentration upon physical objects gains you access to the spirit mirror of earth, where each physical object has a spirit counterpart, this is the realm of out of body experiences.  But you can go 'higher' to levels above this and one of the levels is the 'Air' level [this is all figurative and symbolic] where abstract concepts exist.  Thus if you concentrate on this level and manage to get away from physically visualising the concept, you can fly free at the level you have accessed. 

It is, incidentally a beautiful place – pale pink and soft gold light.