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Symbols - What does heaven look like

Cup and rings

These marks are usually to be found chiselled into rock.  The rings represent the levels and layers the centre is the ‘hole’ the aether level. 

The rings may be combined with the cup marker used as a rock gong [see rock gong] which has the symbolism or meaning
if you strike this rock here, it will produce sound which may or may not be audible and  which will launch you into a spiritual experience in which you can visit all five rings”
On the left we see the markings at Weetwood Moor, in the English county of  Northumberland
Below are the markings at the 'Laxe das Rodas', Galicia where hundreds of stations are known.
Note that the carved channel in this case may simply have been to ensure the water drained from the cup and didn’t spoil the carving.  But on the other hand maybe not, because this symbol is identical to that used by the Dravidians in their lingum and yoni, all we are missing is the Egg to put in the hole.  For an explanation of this seemingly bizarre explanation - go to the description for Mandalas.
The outside of this ring is marked by islands.

The easiest way to understand the symbolism is to see how a mandala is created, so please follow the link to the section on the mandala.


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