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The death of tenor James Moore



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From Death Bed Visions – Sir William Barrett
From Dr Wilson of New York describing the death of American tenor James Moore

It was about four o'clock, and the dawn for which he had been watching was creeping in through the shutters, when, as I bent over the bed I noticed that his face was quite calm and his eyes clear.

The poor fellow looked up into my face, and taking my hand in both of his, he said,

‘You’ve been a good friend to me, Doctor. You’ve stood by me.'

Then something which I shall never forget to my dying day happened, something which is utterly indescribable………. the only way that I can express it is that he was transported into another world, … although I cannot satisfactorily explain the matter to myself

[Then] he said in a stronger voice than he had used since I had attended him.

‘There is Mother!  Why Mother, have you come here to see me ?  No, no, I'm coming to see you. Just wait, Mother, I am almost over. I can jump it. Wait, Mother’

On his face there was a look of inexpressible happiness

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