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Spiritual concepts

Matrix, the

Symbolically, the ‘Egg’ is divided up geographically into segments or cones. Thus we have vibrational layers that change towards the centre of the egg and are colour coded for ease of reference and different portions that have all the same layers but divide up the egg. 


This two dimensional view shows that the overall effect is that of a matrix...


...but the Egg is not two dimensional but three dimensional - as such the overall effect is that more like an egg shaped rubic cube. 



The two dimensional view of the Matrix is symbolically used in Chess.  The three dimensional view is now the realm of film makers [The Matrix], numerous game makers – “A cool wide screen Matrix game with almost unlimited moves” -  [there is even a company called The Matrix Games Company] and numerous authors [for example Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in "The Matrix" (Paperback) by David Gerrold].  As such the concept is well known, but it has been left to the more creative people to keep the idea going.

The word matrix comes from the Aryan root word MATRA.  This word is also the root of words such as Mother, measurement and mathematics.  The Great matrix is also the ‘tricky mother’ and matrix literally means ‘the womb of matter’.  All this is very relevant as if you now turn to the section on the symbolism of the Mother and Father, you will see that the Mother is used symbolically as the source of souls, she ‘gives birth’ to souls in the physical level – animates them, so to speak.


The division of the Matrix into boundaried spaces produces what is called a cell.   Most of the landscapes seen in visions and out of body experiences are constructed around cells.  A detailed description is provided in the Cell page.  Cirlot is normally good on symbolism, but the following is perhaps a litle too deprecatory, intellect won over wisdom here......

J E Cirlot – The Dictionary of Symbols
…...... from earliest times, heaven has been thought of as consisting of several heavens, owing to the tendency of primitive logic [sic] to assign a separate, cellular space to each celestial body or group of bodies..........

as you can see, however, from the quote, the idea of a cell is a very old one.  Give me primitive logic every time.


These days within games, films and books, no extra symbolism is used to refer to the Matrix, as we have seen above it is referred to as the Matrix, but the symbol most frequently used to represent the Matrix in the past was the Labyrinth [not the Maze which is different].  It was not unusual for people to 'walk the labyrinth' or be tested on the labyrinth with models, in order to familiarise them with the spiritual world they may meet during an out of body experience or vision.


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